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December 31, 2021


Further Explaining How Spirituality Is Physical


My work of faith science or energinity has successfully changed the directions of mainstream science and media since 2008. (The Impact of Faith Science) In this year's proceedings, I present a new development – transformations between metaphysical frame and physical frame. The idea originates from a physics discussion room at clubhouse. Clubhouse provides an unique opportunity to speak to people from all walks, religious, “spiritual not-religious”, agnostics, atheistic, etc. Some atheists discuss god more than theists and they often use science to back up their opinions. I often attend rooms discussing god's existence from my scientific perspective. My scientific opinions of God's energy often meet welcome from all walks. However, they also meet insults from some believers and non-believer as well. One of their rebuttal points is that god as a metaphysical entity cannot be physical. To help them understand the physical aspect of God's existence, I present the concept of new transformation as five abstracts.

Part I: An introduction to the concept of metaphysics in a very brief manner. It means to understand metaphysics easily.
Part II: From God equation, MG=kEG, to energinity, a very brief introduction.
Part III: A general concept of transformation in physics, and an introduction of a new form of transformation.
Part IV: Transformation from metaphysical frame to physical frame.
Part V: Transformation from physical status to metaphysical status.

Thank you 2021!

Happy New Year 2022!

News/editorial released by

National Institute of Faith Science


“A country will have authority and influence because of moral factors, not its military strength; because it can be humble and not blatant and arrogant; because our people and our country want to serve others and not dominate others. And a nation without morality will soon lose its influence around the world.” 

---Jimmy Carter,  the 39th President of USA


“When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” 

---Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of USA


December 31, 2020

Service Continues

Evidence Based Medicine of Innovation


Future belongs to truth seeker.

This year is US year of Election. We experience what we have never had before.

Our service continues.

America enters a war against COVID-19 pandemic this year. COVID-19 is a contagious disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It was first reported from Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. China and many countries and regions have controlled it well. But other countries have trouble to keep it under control. WHO declared pandemic on March 11, 2020. President Trump declared a national emergency on March 13, 2020. The mainstream media reports the pandemic primarily by numbers of confirmed case (C) and death (D). We call it C/D model. When the death number is divided by the case number, it is case fatality rate (CFR). While we are analyzing the pandemic data reported publicly, we discovered a method to help improvement of quantity service vs quality service. See abstract, “Can We Define Quantity Service VS Quality Service in COVID-19 Pandemic? Rule of C/D/CFR Model”.

Innovative care can be at both levels of global and individual. The C/D vs C/D/CFR models are examples of global healthcare service. An individual's personalized care remains our major focus. Here are examples we selected:

We reported a patient who was on puree for long term that had weakened her digestive system overall. It may contribute to her constipation, at least partially. It took a couple of rounds of debate to place a correct order finally. See, “Should The Patient Have Regular Meal or Puree - Rule of Careful Evaluation”

“Tachycardia in a Senior Patient - Rule of Checkup (Note 2)” reminds us that a patient's elevation of heart rate can be due to varied causes. At times it can be difficult to differentiate even at high ranking hospital.

An incontinent patient can suffer from chronic UTI which can be troublesome as severe infection such as bacteremia / sepsis can happen. Our research and development helps to solve this patient's nightmare, likely once for all for long term. See “Patient Suffered From Chronic UTI Due to Incontinence – Rule of Access Shower”.

Hospitalized patient can be difficult to find out the causes of sudden change of mood. Sometimes it happens at a patient's every hospitalization but easily to be missed due to the episode is short and seems no severe consequence. We report the identification of a medication actually has led to severe consequence once it is known to the care providers. See, “Patient Has Suddenly Mood Swing – Rule of Rule Out Drug Side Effect First”.

We will share more as time is permitted.

Thank you 2020!

Happy New Year 2021!

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National Institute of Faith Science

December 31, 2019

Be Stronger

Be A Humble Unifier


Yes, we are saying good-bye to 2019. We are thankful for it as a productive year. Things are continuously heading towards right directions. We are grateful for those who have helped. Difficult times did come,and came again. But we are passing by them and we became stronger, and even more stronger. Frontier justice issues continue to be worked well into next year. Our work continuously transforms others. The Christmas is among the most important holiday in a year. We argue, advocate, and encourage to say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holiday”. Let us more specifically share our joys and remember what we celebrate. Be a strong unifier. Science and religion are bridged with wider pathways. Atheism has less room to separate science and religion now. We celebrate Pope's faith evolution in many new directions. As more and more fellow citizens head towards the same right directions, we celebrate even more productivity in the coming new year – good luck of 2020.

Happy New Year!

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National Institute of Faith Science

December 31, 2018

Accept A Better Idea

Successfully Challenging Standard of Care with Innovation


Should a standard of care be challenged with a better idea? Apparently, the answer is yes.
This is how medicine develops.
This is how academic medicine exists.
This is how a doctor practices.
This is how a patient insists.
This is how a truth prevails.

By the end of the year 2018, we have reported ten new ideas to improve standard of care (Five in 2017 and five in 2018). All of them are proven to be more effective and some of them have actually solved critically unsolved medical issues in patients. We are thankful that some care providers are quickly adapting without hesitation. However, still, some care providers are reluctant to accept these better approaches, even switching back to their Standard of care. For those who are not ready to accept a better modification of their standard of care - We are calling for a better communication / leadership.

Happy New Year!

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National Institute of Faith Science

December 30, 2017

More Principles

Boosting Patient's Right Energy


Energinity principles continue to be developed and applied to various conditions. This year, cancer remains a major focus. A constructive model for cancer patients constructs more guidelines for patient care. Through actual clinical practice, we have successfully argued for correct usages of blood thinner (heparin), pain medication, handling of spinal cord injury, identifying senior patient's atypical presentation of infection, e.g., urinary tract infection (UTI), preventing the side effect of constipation of opioids, and taking care of bed ridden patient for long term. Even more are expected to share. These principles are applicable to other type of patients as well. But please keep in mind, they are not a prescription but a guideline. Although entitled as rule, they are simply emphasizing their importance. Each case has its uniqueness, and therefor, consulting your care provider is something a patient should do.
Patient, as well as many care providers, administrators, in particular, physician scientist experiences endurance throughout the processes of developing advanced care, which deserves to be recognized and greatly appreciated.
A continuing true leadership deserves to be credited.
Have a wonderful Christmas season and Happy New Year!

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National Institute of Faith Science

January 20, 2017

"A Constructive Model for Cancer Patients"

A New Paradigm?


Conventionally, both psychological and physical interventions are merely part of supportive treatment for cancer patients. They never become a major or vital part of cancer treatment. Our recent proposal of "A Constructive Model for Cancer Patients" has shown - if mental and physical exercises are properly designed and applied, including studies through clinical trials, they may dramatically change the outcome of cancer patients. One has to balance the risk vs benefit. After taking the risk of continuous growth of the tumor (but it slows than predicted), the newly developed constructive model for cancer patients may will show the following benefits:
Increase patient's general well-being;
Increase patient's survivability;
Increase successfulness of current standard therapies ( e.g. surgery, chemo, radiation therapy ) and other newly developed therapies such as immunotherapy, target therapy, etc;
Decrease tumor's local spread;
Decrease tumor's distance metastasis;
Decrease mortality.
Can the decreased tumorigenic quantum energy (Tq) and increased antitumorigenic quantum energy (ATq) in some cases actually reverse the tumor behavior toward less malicious? Can some cases eventually reverse? Is this reversible process actually happening in the body?
It is worth well to mention that a complementary strategy is that a tumor's constructive treatment model is proposed in a review in 2013 by peers in China. (See WU Peihong, et al. Natl Med J China, May 21, 2013. 93(19): 1441-1445.) This tumor focused model is based on the development of tumor ablation technologies such as radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and others, although RFA was first introduced as a new procedure in tumor treatment in 1992. (See Rosenthal DI et al, Radiology. April 11992; 183(1):29-33. Ablation of osteoid osteomas with a percutaneously placed electrode: a new procedure.) Wu et al reviewed combinations of ablative treatment with conventional ones as well as Chinese medicine.

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National Institute of Faith Science

January 1, 2017

More Breakthroughs 2016

Best Wishes of a New Year

Waht a year 2016. Great challenges. Great breakthroughs.


We the people. We decide. We expect. We decide again. We expect again. We the people. You know if you have told truth. We know if you have told truth. We know if you are good or not. We know how good you have been. Be openness. Be honest. Stop manipulating. Stop cheating. Stop faking. We know that America must and should change its course. We know the world needs best leaders. We know misleading must be stopped. We know miseducating must be corrected. Toxic culture must be detoxified. Yes, America becomes more divisive. In fact, it is differentiating. Differentiation has been inevitable. Know it. If an establishment has been behind people's thinking, it must be shaken. Great leaders are always revolutionary. Conservatives as well as liberals must learn how to be revolutionary. Call it transformation. Call it reform. Call it revolution. Call it force. Cal it power. Call it energy. May truth continue prevailing. Keep positive energy. Faith. Hope. Love. Happy New Year 2017. Good luck 2017.

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National Institute of Faith Science

December 29, 2015

The Year of Light, More Light

Origin of Universe, and More Convergence Revolutions


Near the end of this year, four abstracts are chosen as 2015proceedings1:

"The Photon Big Bang", communicated since February 26, 2015, is the first time to propose a mechanism at particle level for the Big Bang Theory (or the newest kind of it). This dramatically changes some of the standard physics teaching - "a photon does not have shortest wave", "a photon exists throughout the Big Bang but has no role in the Bang of Big Bang itself", "a photon plays a major role at the time of 10 second after the Bang of Big Bang that is called the Photon Epoch", etc. All of them may have to be fundamentally changed. The near zero particle of a photon at its highest or near highest energy as a model of dark energy, and pre-Big Bang resource makes the origin of universe apparently more dynamic. It argues against the one time event of the "standard" Big Bang. The Photon Big Bang can evolve. This year is the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL2015), as proclaimed by the United Nations, and it is also the 100th anniversary of Einstein's theory of General Relativity. It is a timely celebration with the Photon Big Bang model.

"The New Scientific Revolution of Convergence - Three Breakthrough Areas", communicated during September 29 - November 29, 2015, addresses some important advances in the front field of all sciences, including scientific study of religion. China is adjusting to the ongoing course of new scientific revolution from the perspective of expecting its coming. Presenting this abstract, I have given ten formal lectures, an intensively peer-reviewed processes by various audiences in universities. The lectures are the newest update on the topic of "New Scientific Revolution" with actual breakthrough research that have been leading to the eventual formation of a new version of grand unification theory (GUT) and theory of everything (ToE).

"Charles H. Townes' Predictions and Realizations - 'The Convergence of Science and Religion' " presents an argument against the current teaching from mainstream science, "science and religion have little in common", "science and religion should be kept as separate two worlds", etc.. We are concerned with why the mainstream science now does not encourage the dialogue between science and religion, but tries to push away from seeking truth in the interactions. For example, Harvard faculty and students are clearly delivering the message of not mixing science and religion. On April 12, 2015, closely working with Harvard, MIT holds "The Charles H. Townes Lecture in Science and Religion". Scientists who are familiar with Townes' view are expecting a talk dealing with the convergence between science and religion. Not carrying on the Townes mission, Dr. Williams Phillips (Nobel laureate in 1997) presents a talk, saying there are little overlap between science and religion. He concludes that science and religion cannot be converged. Apparently, Dr. Phillips has ignored much of our effort on the convergency. I comment about which academic school Dr. Phillips has been representing and ask him to comment on the possibility of convergence. He reiterates his conclusion but with the caveat that he cannot tell what will happen in the future. Although currently it seems that scientific authority is on the negative side - no convergence between science and religion. Interestingly, some religious leaders are on the positive side. Here, I point out that Pope Francis is still encouraging a dialogue between science and religion. "Nonetheless, science and religion, with their distinctive approaches to understanding reality, can enter into an intense dialogue fruitful for both", the Pope wrote. See his encyclical, "Laudato, Si", published in May, 2015. Even still, mainstream science continues to explore how to impropve moral virtue, an important human character. "When right is wrong - How modern living messes up our moral compass", a covery story tells ( refer to: New Scientist, October 2, 2015). In my opinion however, faith practice has been well demonstrating how to develop good moral virtue for at least thousands of years (refer to: Yang, Chun. Fatih Science. 2008 / 2009).
I conclude:
Science purifies religion.
Religion purifies science.
Evidently, both are converging.

"Revolutions without Calling Them Revolutions - Western Medicine in China for 180 Years Celebrated" is a brief recollection that modern medicine has advanced tremendously in China. It has taken about 180 years, starting from a church hospital in 1835. We expect that China increasingly plays an important role in the world's contemporary medicine.

Happy New Year!

News/editorial released by

National Institute of Faith Science

February 9, 2014

Toward a Sorting out of the Mystery of Consciousness Scientifically

Year of Breakthrough in the Debate of Consciousness Definition?

We publish four abstracts in this early 2014 (see 2014proceedings1) to share with the general public and science community.

1. Consciousness research - a debate of centuries
2. A precise definition of consciousness - x consci
3. Molecule consciousness
4. Biological consciousness - level and content


The long sustained arguments on the definition of consciousness have been a difficult academic topic, and universally they are considered unresolvable. We point out that the same arguments have been going on for centuries, and they should be sorted out and recognized their existence of varied definitions. Two general categories (brain consciousness and fundamental phenomena) and three significant schools (brain consciousness, consciousness of all life forms, and cosmic consciousness) have been identified. Each school has varied definitions or theories according to different authors or groups. We propose to adapt all of the three main schools. A dual naming system for a precise definition of consciousness - x consci is proposed. X is a particular value of what consciousness is. Intercellular parasites, such as a virus can be used to prove the simplest consciousness of an organism - molecule consciousness. Some do not consider virus or viroid a life form, though many others recognize them. Biological consciousness (bioconsci in a short term) may be sorted at different levels with detailed contents - from molecule, to cell, to neuron, and to brain.

News/editorial released by

National Institute of Faith Science

January 31, 2013

The end of the world is with a new beginning

The year of 2012 is also the year of change

The year of 2012 is the year of changing in mainstream science - "God's existence put to the test" (New Scientist, March 2012), "Nonhuman animals are conscious" (Francis Crick Memorial Conference, July 2012) and "Time is right to confront misconduct" (Nature, August 2012), which are among major topics or cover stories in mainstream scientific meetings and journals. The work accomplished by faith science has been ahead of some of the mainstream directions for several years.

More research in 2012 is reported in faith science driven fields advance in theory of everything (TOE) and grand unification theory (GUT), HIV and HBV genome stories, scents and consciousness, a strategy to quantify the energy of existence, dealing with authorities for right directions and confrontation against misconduct at Harvard, and etc.

It has been five years since the Faith Science was defined. Here is the links for some of the research done over the past five years:


The year of 2012 is also significant with the denotation the end of the world, predicated by ancient civilizations such as Mayan, which marked December 21, 2012 as the last day of its long cycle of 5125 years (ending of its 3rd world and beginning its 4th one), as well as by some contemporary scholars of no mainstream science, such as scholars based on ancient Easten Philosophy e.g., I Jing, who also declaimed 2012 as an important year of world change. In fact, we are still in an early stage of the 21st century, and of cause we are still in an very early stage of the 3rd millennium. Are they coincidences or proven correct prophecy? We would only appreciate how ancient wisdoms have enlightened the world through scholarly work in different ways in mankind history.

We are in the time of making fundamental progresses for our civilizations.

Even though we know that we have been in the right direction for some years, it will take long time along with a long path.

Working together, we continue to define the beginnings of a new world.

News/editorial released by

National Institute of Faith Science

April 26, 2012

"The surprising new science of religion"

Know when it critically happened

Certainly there is already something new from mainstream science this year. Recently, a magazine New Scientist published a special edition (March 17, 2012), "The God issue" "The surprising new science of religion". It is the first time in recent history of mainstream science to publish a special edition on the scientific studies of God. In this issue, three highlighted topics are "Why our minds have a God-shaped space", "Gods existence put to the test" and "Why religion may outlast science" (comparatively read the discovery of 2008, by click here). To new scientists, who are not familiar with the recent history on this subject, read the opinions presented here may help to further understand the proceedings of the new science of religion.

The real surprise may have already happened by the end of 2008, see the Impact of Faith Science, by click here. A brief recall New Scientist's own history would also add to prove this point. It published at least two editorials in 2008, "US scientists move to combat creationism" (Jan 12, 2008), and "Creationists launch their latest attack" (Jul 12, 2008), which reflected the new scientific atheism movement in mainstream science and the war between science and religion. However, by 2009 the tones were so much differed as it can be reflected in its editorial and feature news, "Concept of hypercosmic God wins Templeton prize" (Mar 10, 2009). By 2010, it already made the turn of 180 degrees, and the negativity moved toward atheism since then. On March 6, 2010, an editorial, "Time to accept that atheism, not God, is odd" was appeared. This year, a consistent with the trend, a bigger step has made in the science of faith with a special edition, and the editorial, "Know your enemy, the new science of religion tells us where secularists are going wrong", conveyed that "Humans clearly dont need religion to be moral, but it helps". However, it also stated, "This is not an apologia for god. Religious claims still wither under rational scrutiny and deserve no special place in public life."

Science needs to be advanced as much as religion does. The late Pope John Paul II said on the relationship between science and religion, "Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes."

May religion outlast science as it is explained in the special edition of New Scientist?

The advancement made through Faith Science has proved that while both science and religion make progresses together, they become oneness.

News/editorial released by

National Institute of Faith Science

December 31, 2011

New Divine Simplicity

(Proposed 2011)

God is defined almighty

Everything is energy.

Everything is existence.

Everything is physical.

Everything is information.

Everything is gravity.

Everything is consciousness.

Everything is interaction.

(To see an update of consciousness research, by click here .)

News/editorial released by

National Institute of Faith Science

October 15, 2010

Toward A Grand Unification

Through Profound Dialogue Between Faith And Science

Pope Benedict XVI's recent state visit to UK marked the continuous effort of the faithful to transform the world with important moral messages.

The Pope's preaches are exceptionally rich and dealt with various major current issues; interested readers should read them carefully in full text in order to grasp them fully. Here we in particular, reflect Pope's addresses on the relationship between science and religion. Here we quoted three passages from three addresses.

The Pope met young people of three thousands, school children and student, encouraged them, "Never allow yourselves to become narrow. The world needs good scientists, but a scientific outlook becomes dangerous and narrow if it ignores the riches or ethical dimensions of life. Just as religion becomes narrow if it rejects the legitimate contribution of science to our understanding of the world."

At St Mary's University College in London, the Pope met representatives of the various religious communities in Great Britain. Addressing religion and science, the Pope says "Your presence and witness in the world points towards the fundamental importance for human life of this spiritual quest in which we are engaged. Within their own spheres of competence, the human and natural sciences provide us with an invaluable understanding of aspects of our existence and they deepen our grasp of the workings of the physical universe, which can then be harnessed in order to bring great benefit to the human family. Yet these disciplines do not and cannot answer the fundamental question, because they operate on another level altogether. They cannot satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart, they cannot fully explain to us our origin and our destiny, why and for what purpose we exist, nor indeed can they provide us with an exhaustive answer to the question, 'Why is there something rather than nothing?'"

At Westminster Hall, distinguished gatherings including top political leaders in UK were met by the Pope, where the Pope preached faith and politics, and then related them to reason, "Just as 'every economic decision has a moral consequence' (Caritas in Veritate, 37), so too in the political field, the ethical dimension of policy has far-reaching consequences that not government can afford to ignore." Pope used the abolition of the slave trade in UK as an example, "The campaign that led to this landmark legislation was build upon firm ethical principles, rooted in the natural law, and it has made a contribution to civilization of which this nation may be just proud." "The central question at issue then is: where is the ethical foundation for political choices to be found? The Catholic tradition maintains that the object norms governing right action are accessible to reason, prescinding from the content of revelation. According to this understanding, the role of religion in political debate is not so much to supply these norms, as if they could not be known by non-believers - still less to propose concrete political solutions, which would lie altogether outside the competence of religion - but rather to help purify and shed light upon the application of reason to the discovery of objective moral principles. This "corrective" role of religion vis--vis reason is not always welcomed, though, partly because distorted forms of religion, such as sectarianism and fundamentalism, can be seen to create serious social problems themselves. And in their turn, these distortions of religion arise when insufficient attention is given to the purifying and structuring role of reason within religion. It is a two-way process. Without the corrective supplied by religion, though, reason too can fall prey to distortions, as when it is manipulated by ideology, or applied in a partial way that fails to take full account of the dignity of the human person. Such misuse of reason, after all, was what gave rise to the slave trade in the first place and to many other social evils, not least the totalitarian ideologies of the twentieth century. This is why I would suggest that the world of reason and the world of faith - the world of secular rationality and the world of religious belief - need one another and should not be afraid to enter into a profound and ongoing dialogue, for the good of our civilization."

The Pope apparently responded recent atheism activities in UK including influential scientist Steven Hawking et al published a book, "Grand Design" that claimed that there is no God is needed to explain how the universe formed etc.

Faith science has successfully engaged in profound dialogue between faith and science, which has already changed the dynamics of this debate toward a grand unification.

(see an introduction of faith science, by click here, or

see the first two papers of original research by click here, or

see the impact of faith science during 2008-2009, by click here.)

News/editorial released by

National Institute of Faith Science

April 4, 2010

Confessional Character of Leadership

Renew mankind faith in the Easter season

The world culture is now in a crossroad. Recognize it. Identify it further. And response rightly and better. Should an authority be confessional?

The Vatican is on the trial. Fail, pass, or super-succeed. Fundamental faith is poising. Let us help it. Let us work together. Advance our history in a new, right and better direction.

It all seems just in time. Right before the Easter season, the Church's handling of clergy scandal of sex abuse well appeared in the mainstream media. This time not in USA, but directly addresses the Vatican. The Pope Benedict XVI as a former Bishop and a congregational leader of his native German, no doubt, as the truth is, did not do enough. And the Vatican has not done enough. May should he have done better in handling the clergy scandals. His holiness was at errors in his native country. His holiness is at errors this time again in responding to the public, though Vatican is at defending, and perhaps more of the Churches and followers are defending the Pope too.

On the other hand, this is a good chance to renew our faith.

Behind this very Vatican Easter, the fundamental issue is about mistakes and how to deal with them.

The Pope is an authority of God believers. The Pope is also a human being. Needless to say he also makes / made mistakes.

No human does not make mistakes.

The more important matter on mistakes is how to deal with them.

According to the principle of confessional character of leadership, Confessional character of leadership is essential.

"The new century's leaders must be a leader of with confessional character. Confessional character must be placed on to the top along with many other leadership characters." (Page 22, Evolution Momentum, 2009)

"Leaders' admission of mistakes should become a routine and open practice. Pretend to be perfect is dishonesty. Honestly, openly and timely confess mistakes and share them as learning opportunities are the right ways to maintain integrity and true authority." (Page 33, Evolution Momentum, 2009)

World culture is now at the point to make a leap forward in fundamental faith.

This presents us another case for faith evolution.

Let us help to make the principle of confessional character of leadership to be well known and well practiced.

Happy Easter! Renew together!

News released by

National Institute of Faith Science

October 25, 2009

The Momentum of "Evolution Momentum"

Wallace - Darwin Theory of Natural Selection and Faith Evolution

What? Evolution was not mere a theory but it was actually proved, really? What? Evolution was actually proved one hundred and fifty years ago, really? What? It was Alfred Russel Wallace, not Charles Darwin, who proved biological evolution, really? What? Evolution belief was as old as at least four thousands of years, really? Those are surprising scientific advancements presented to you by Chun Yang, M.D., in one of his recent books, Evolution Momentum: Natural Selection, Wallace Darwin Theory and beyond, a Case for Faith Evolution (ISBN 9781978019782, 338 pages), which was published in September 22, 2009. The recent publication of Evolution Momentum marked that mankind understanding of evolution belief had been advanced into a new level. Charles Darwin's misconduct - dishonest behavior in the formation of natural selection theory in 1800s was scientifically proved. Alfred Russel Wallace was rediscovered in 2009. Indeed, unexpectedly, Dr. Yang discovered that biological evolution, or species evolution was critically proved by Wallace in 1855. Dr. Yang also discovered that evolution belief was strong in pre modern science, both in Western and Eastern culture, as it has been in modern science.

Dr. Yang has been very pro evolutionary belief. He also admired Darwin since his teenage time. Especially in the early stage of his discovery of faith evolution, (see Faith Science , ISBN 9780578011790) Dr. Yang was even more pro Darwin. However, after he studied the details of natural selection theory in middle of December 2008, Dr. Yang discovered that natural selection was more likely a Wallace - Darwin theory. In early January 2009, Dr. Yang submitted his article, Natural Selection: Wallace - Darwin Theory; Evidence and Suggestion of Retro Credit (see Evolution Momentum, page 101, also available at Nature Precedings, DOI: 10.1038/npre.2009.2767.1), which was the very first article addressed Wallace - Darwin theory of natural selection, even not Darwin - Wallace Theory. By the end of January 2009, Dr. Yang began to realize the complexity of Darwin affair when he roughly wrote his second article of Science and New Sciences , The Identification of Academic Darwin Syndrome . But he stopped its submission, instead felt the necessity of writing a book to address the whole issue. Dr. Yang began his incredibly hard laborious work to look into almost every related matter in original documentations, including volumes books, articles, letters, commentaries and media coverage etc. Over the past several months, painstakingly, Dr. Yang discovered truth around evolution theories one after another. Dr. Yang apparently has experienced tremendous struggling against a very strongly build Darwinian defense academia by mainstream science and educational institutions et al. Truth eventually came out with its most beautiful side. In his book Evolution Momentum, Dr. Yang presented the newest understanding, a very different picture of the history of evolution theory, a very different picture of Wallace and Darwin, and a very different picture of the formation history of natural selection theory, from what we called long standing views by the general public and academia.

Additionally, Dr. Yang in his book Evolution Momentum introduced science to those who know nothing about it, a beginner's reading for understanding how science works, and he also addressed new leadership characters of confessional or apologetic from scientific perspectives. Evolution Momentum was indeed well intended for us all.

News released by

National Institute of Faith Science

May 30, 2009

Understanding Our Faith

An Introduction Session of Faith Science Has Been Offered

Since April 26, 2009, a special promotional workshop of faith science was offered and has been available publicly.

In this workshop, attendees will learn:

1. Our current advanced understanding of human faith

2. Some simple, easy and efficient approaches to understand
complicated religion and theology issues

3. Some simple, easy and efficient approaches to understand
complicated science issues, such as issues in life and physical sciences

4. How religion and science was bridged

News released by

Faith Science Universe

National Institute of Faith Science Initiatives

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter, Celebrate the Discovery of MG = k EG

Introduce faith science and a book that helped to define it

Since the first century, we celebrate Easter every year, we renew our faith, and we may have something unique to share.

The Easter of this year(2009), to add to the celebration is the discovery of God's existence scientifically, through the equation of MG = kEG.

MG is denoted as Mass of God; EG is denoted as Energy of God; K is the faith constant.

The more you are faithful to true God, the higher k, and the better you are energized in your life.

To learn more how to apply the newest discovery to our ever changing culture, to promote good faith, visit the online web site:


to witness the already made history, you may also feel interested in participating to further advance the history of human faith practice, and to help spreading the good news.

Happy Happy Easter.

News released by

Faith Science Universe

National Institute of Faith Science Initiatives

April 5, 2009

Holy Week, More Holy

Introduce faith science and a book that helped to define it.

If it were not done, none would have believed that it could be done.

If God's existence were not proved scientifically, none would have believed that God could be proved by the faithful through science.

In the Holy Week of this year (2009), we have more good news to share, and more truth to witness - that not only faith has been practiced by mankind for hundreds thousands of years, but also the studies of faith have successfully become a new science.

Go to visit the online web site:


to witness the already made history, you may also feel interested in participating to further advance the history of human faith practice, and to help spreading the good news.

Have an even more blessed Holy Week.

News released by

Faith Science Universe

National Institute of Faith Science Initiatives